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TOWA APN Label Applicator Range

The range of TOWA APN label applicators deploy a unique 'Mech Sensor' system were by no mechanical adjustments are needed for the labellers to automatically dispensed labels one by one. This efficiency reduces labour costs and speeds up the work force. Labels can be dispensed quickly and applied straight away.

Towa APN-30


Towa APN-60


Towa APN-100


Towa APF-60

Key Points

* Feeding holes, slits or eye-marks are not required on the label backing.
* No mechanical adjustment is needed for different sized labels.
* Different size of labels within the specifications of the applicator can be dispensed and applied by the specific tool.
* 2-3mm gap between each label is required.
* Maximum 100mm width label can be dispensed and applied. To our knowledge there is no other machine like this on the market.

How It Works

1. Labels start moving forward under 'Mech Sensor' when you pull lever.

2. The 'Mech Sensor' detects the gap between each label and stops automatically when it catches the next label. The feeding stroke adjusts automatically by itself.

3. Load the labels into position to operate it.

4. The TOWA APN series of applicators are the ultimate tool, simply designed while offering high performance label dispensing.

TOWA APN Label Applicator - Mech Sensor

How To Use

The TOWA range of APN applicators can dispense different sizes of labels without any adjustment:

1. Remove label holder by turning it counter clockwise then pull it towards you.

2. Place labels on core onto the hub.

3. Re-attach label holder.

4. Pull lever and label will appear from the front of the machine.

5. Apply label accordingly.

How to use the TOWA APN Label Applicator

Types Of APN Applicator

There are three types of APN label applicators depending on the width of labels. The APN-30 is for smaller labels, APN-60 is the most popular and APN-100 is convenient for a wide label.

Range of TOWA APN Label Applicators

The specifications for each applicator are:
APN Series Applicable
Label Width
Label Stroke
APN-30 (316g) 20 - 30mm 18 - 60mm
APN-60 (370g) 25 - 60mm 18 - 60mm
APN-100 (416g) 55 - 100mm 18 - 60mm

Example Uses

The new TOWA APN label applicators are used in a wide range of different sectors. For example they are used in the logistics industry to label boxes and not only that the APN has been adopted by one of the largest transport companies in Japan to apply mailing labels on their packages. The applicators can also be used for other purposes such as attaching labels to products detailing manufacturing information and production dates.

Example use for TOWA APN Label Applicator

Example use for TOWA APN Label Applicator

Labelling Soft Items

A new sponge roller is also now available for the APN range allowing soft items such as eggs, and other such condiments to be labelled without them being damaged.

Soft Roller for TOWA APN Label Applicator
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